Ask ArborBridge: How Does the ArborBridge Tutoring Process Work?

Dear ArborBridge,

My son’s college consultant recommended that we use your services for SAT tutorial. I am interested in signing my son up for your Standard SAT program. Can you tell me how the whole process works?

Parent of Year 12 Student, UK



Wonderful – I am happy to tell you about what it’s like to prepare with ArborBridge.

Beginning the Program: Diagnostic Exam and Consultation

The first thing we do with every student is to administer a diagnostic SAT. Simply tell us the ideal day and time for the 4-hour exam, and we will assign your son a proctor who will keep time on each section of the test. The test itself will be emailed to you, and we recommend printing it out prior to the test. Once your son finishes the test, please scan and email me the answer sheet for grading and analysis.

We will return the results and analysis via email. The results will contain percentiles, so you can see how your son’s diagnostic score compares to that of his peers. Upon review, we will discuss the following:

  • 1. Your son’s target test date
  • 2. Your son’s availability for lessons, practice tests, and homework

Based on this availability, we will discuss goal scores for his target test date, as well as the length and intensity of a program we recommend in order to achieve his goals. Once you and your son confirm the program selection, you will fill out the enrollment paperwork and submit payment.

Getting Started: Scheduling and Tutor Matching

The next step is to discuss the ideal schedule – most students work one or two times per week for lessons in 1.5 to 2 hours in length. When selecting a schedule, your son will need to be mindful that he will have assigned homework after each lesson, and every few weeks a 4-hour practice test.

Once we know his schedule, we will match him with a tutor based on availability as well as learning style, personality, extra-curricular interests, and possible university application list.

You will be introduced to your son’s tutor via email, and after the introduction your son’s tutor will be in touch with you and your son about confirming the schedule.

During the Program: Communication and Progress Tracking

After every lesson, you will receive lesson notes via email, and after every practice test, you will receive the results in a progress chart (via email).

If you like, we are happy to communicate with your son’s counselor regarding his progress and expected scores. Many counselors who refer to us find that the “team” mentality creates the most successful university admission outcome , and we are happy to include your son’s counselor on lesson notes and practice test results.

At ArborBridge, we consider the completion of practice tests as fundamental to achieving score goals as the actual lessons themselves.

We customize each lesson based on the most recent practice test results, so in order to continue to work with your son in a most efficient and effective manner, he must commit to the scheduled exams.

We look forward to working with your son!

Lisa Helmers

About Lisa Helmers

Lisa joined the ArborBridge team at its inception and previously was an Associate Director at Launch Education Group. She oversees ArborBridge’s online presence, helping educate potential families on the cutting edge services offered by ArborBridge. Lisa graduated magna cum laude from Loyola Marymount University with a major in Sociology.

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