Worlds Within TCK Anthology Showcases International Student Voices

ArborBridge congratulates editors Jo Parfitt and Eva Laszlo-Herbert of Summertime Publishing on the publication of The Worlds Within: An anthology of TCK art and writing: young, global and between cultures.

The collection of essays, short stories, poems, and art powerfully describes the experience of "third culture kids" and "global nomads." These are children who grow up within different cultures and for whom "home" is an ambiguous concept. Contributions come from children as young as 8 years old all the way through college-age young adults. As a group, TCK's experience the excitement of global living but also face stresses and uncertainties that their more grounded counterparts do not.

Editors Lazslo-Hebert and Parfitt are active participants in Families in Global Transition, a worldwide organization dedicated to supporting international families. Some proceeds from the sale of The Worlds Within will go towards the David Pollack Scholarship Fund.

"Much TCK-related research was published in the course of the last years - however, the individual voices, the colourful tapestry of the personal stories was / is still nearly invisible. So, we wanted a book by TCKs, not about them," said Parfitt and Laszlo-Hebert, in a joint statement.

"We both have the experience of transition between countries, cultures, continents – with all the ambiguity that goes with it. comprises but a fraction of the stunning, rich and raw worlds within that we were privileged to enter and we are very grateful for the trust of each and every author."

ArborBridge's Director of International Development Josh Stephens served as a volunteer proofreader. Stephens is a professional journalist and former editor of the California Planning & Development Report.

"I am delighted to support The Worlds Within," said Stephens. who has presented at the FIGT conference and spoken to TCK's at schools around the world. "TCK's have fascinating stories to tell. A collection like this is an invaluable outlet for authors and illuminating for readers."

ArborBridge is dedicated to supporting students with the most efficient, most effective preparation possible for the SAT and ACT exams. Many ArborBridge students are TCK's.

"Being able to write about one's personal experience as a TCK, or read about the experiences of others, mirrors the reflection that students undergo in the college application process," said Stephens. "The Worlds Within is a great model and inspiration for college applicants."

The Worlds Within is available on here.

Visit the official Worlds Within website:


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