ArborBridge's 2020 AP Survival Guide

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This year’s AP exams will look and feel different: they’re online, at home, open note, and only 45 minutes long. This is probably your first time taking an exam in this format, so if you’re feeling unsure about what to expect, that's perfectly understandable. There's no precedent for the times we're in or the test you're about to take. But you can prepare!

The instruction team at ArborBridge has prepared a guide to help you navigate these changes and achieve success on test day. The 2020 AP Survival Guide will take you through

  • when to take the exams and how to study
  • how to prepare for an open note test
  • tech considerations and troubleshooting
  • overcoming anxiety on test day

Download this guide as you continue studying for your AP exams and make final preparations for test day.

The tips and tricks outlined in the 2020 AP Survival Guide will ensure that you’ll be able to put your best foot forward on test day. You'll now how to master the new test forma, so that your performance will reflect all the hard work that you’ve put into your class this year.

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About Rose Paik

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